4 Paws Treats

Vendor:     4 Paws Treats
Location on Market Map:     Upstairs, Booth 27 – sharing with My Simply Sweet Desserts

What’s available? Treats, toys and accessories for four-legged friends.

4 Paws Treats is a home business that bakes healthy, grain-free treats and handmade toys and accessories for dogs and cats.

Stephanie is originally from Thunder Bay and has 2 cats (Female grey Tabby named Kira and a Black male named Kai) and a shepherd mix dog named Damen.

Stephanie says “I started making homemade treats for my pets because a lot of the stuff on shelves has chemical preservatives or other ingredients I don’t care for. I wanted to know what was going into the things I was feeding my pets. I had so much fun making them that I decided it was something I wanted to do on a larger scale and make a future with it. Animals have always been a major part of my life and I have always wanted to do some kind of work involving animals so in a way it is me fulfilling a dream I had since childhood.”

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Stephanie Lenton
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