Vendor:     Baba’s
Location on Market Map:     Downstairs, Booth 1

What’s available? Ukrainian Soups, Cabbage Rolls, Pierogies, Salads and Hot Dishes.

What’s a “Baba?”  It’s a fond name in Ukrainian for a grandmother who undeniably spent hours in her kitchen cooking for her family the most delicious traditional Ukrainian food.

Being part of two Ukrainian families, owner Keri Garland has had the privilege and honour of cooking, eating and learning the secrets behind these age-old recipes passed down from generations of Babas.  Baba’s is dedicated to preserving the traditional ways and methods, using only top-quality ingredients from our own gardens and purchased from other local producers and suppliers.

If you’re looking for some homemade comfort foods or would like to try some modern variations on the classics, come and meet Keri in her booth downstairs at the Market for Holubtsi (Cabbage Rolls), Borscht (Beet Soup), Varenyky (Pierogies), Kapusniak (Sauerkraut Soup) and the always-favourite Pyrizhky (Filled Buns).  You’ll also learn that she loves to share and exchange “Baba” stories and recipes!

All dishes at Baba’s are cooked, pre-packaged and labeled with ingredients.  Dinner is ready – just reheat and enjoy a taste of the Ukraine!

Large orders can also be made in advance via phone/email if received by mid-week before Saturday Markets.

Contact the Vendor Directly:

Keri and Gerry Garland
(807) 627-6974
facebook logo @Baba’s