Become a Vendor

Our updated Vendor Application 2019 is now available here for the March 2019 – February 2020 season. If you wish to be considered for a space, please submit this application, along with a 2019 Membership Application Form, as all vendors need to be members of the Market (no need to submit payment yet). Applications can be submitted to  or dropped off during Market Hours or by appointment to the Market Office (call 807-622-1406).


Please also read the Sample Vending Agreement to understand what the expectations are BEFORE submitting your application. However, do NOT sign and submit the Sample Vending Agreement. This will be signed by both parties once the Board has approved applications.

The Market Fee schedule is in Appendix A in the above Sample Vending Agreement.


Market Store – The Market Store is in the front foyer of the Market and is operated by the Market directly. We sell locally produced items on behalf of vendors that cannot be at the Market full-time.
If you would like to have your items available in the Market Store, there is an application process. Please read through the Market Store Vending Agreement  and if you are still interested, please fill out the Market Store Application 2019
You will also need to submit a Membership Application Form. Memberhsip payment is not required until you have been approved.



Musicians – Do you wish to Busk at the Market? Read through our Busking & Performance Policy and Busker and Performer Application Form!




Non-Profit booth space – If you are a non-profit, wishing to have a booth to sell raffle tickets or promote your group or organization, please see Giving Back to Thunder Bay!


Retail – for current vendors that wish to Retail items, please read the updated Retail Policy and fill out the Retail It Application


Market Kitchen – The Market Kitchen vendor has been selected. Applications will not be accepted.

Market Coffee Service – The Market Coffee Service vendor has been selected. Applications will not be accepted.