Brule Creek

Vendor:    Brule Creek Farms
Location on Market Map:     Downstairs, Booth 33

What’s available? Stone-milled flour and flour products.

Brule Creek Farms is the only stone-milled flour producer in Northwestern Ontario.  It is owned and operated by Jeff Burke.  He started farming in the spring of 2008 in the township of Conmee, just west of Kakabeka Falls.

He mills only his own grains using heritage techniques with a modern spin:  our grain is ground between granite stones spun by an electric motor.  He mills flour on a weekly basis to ensure that our customers enjoy the freshest product possible.  Brule Creek Farms flour is unbleached and contains no additives.  Visit our website for more information on our process, our products and our promise to the people of Northwestern Ontario.

We love feedback, so feel free to call us or say hi at the Market!

Contact the Vendor Directly:

Jeff Burke
(807) 933-0570
facebook logo @brulecreekfarms