Market Maps

Seasonal Vendors

Seasonal vendors change regularly depending on how the garden is growing!

We’ve listed all our seasonal vendors and we do our best to detail when they’ve started and if they’ve wrapped up for the year! If there is no note next to their name, they are currently here!

Wednesdays and Saturdays:

    1. Algoma Highlands Farm
    2. Belluz Farmsyear round but inside during off-season
    3. Mama’s Good Food
    4. Veg-e-tate Market Garden
    5. Volkar Farms

Wednesdays only:

    1. Country Creations by Sue
    2. Hyatt Nursery
    3. Mika’s Vegetables

Saturdays only:

    1. Binnendyk Orchards
    2. Boreal Foraged Food
    3. Eat the Fish
    4. Evergreen Horticultural Enterprises
    5. Haywire Farm – every second Wednesday as well
    6. Mark’s Gourmet Garlic – has not yet started for the season
    7. Mile Hill Farms
    8. Pitch Creek Farm
    9. Sandpiper Farms
    10. Sleepy G Farm
    11. Tarrymore Farms Garden
    12. Teresa’s All Natural
    13. The Squash Queen
    14. Whitefish Valley Vegetables

Finished for 2017 Season:

  1. Aroland Youth Blueberries – finished for the 2017 season
  2. Linwood Nurseryfinished for the 2017 season
  3. Nor’Wester Maple Co. – finished for the 2017 season
  4. Mira’s Garden – finished for 2017 season