Market Maps

Seasonal Vendors

Wednesdays and Saturdays:

  1. Belluz Farmsinside back foyer til spring
  2. Whitefish Valley Vegetablesinside next to dining room

Saturdays Only

  1. Eat the Fish – Saturdays only
  2. Veg-e-tate Market Gardeninside, next to dining room. Saturdays only currently.

Finished for Season

  1. Aroland Youth Blueberries
  2. Binnendyk Orchards
  3. Country Creations by Sue
  4. Farmer’s Harvest
  5. Hot Paddle Pizza
  6. Hyatt Nursery
  7. Mama’s Good Food
  8. Mika’s Vegetables
  9. Mira’s Garden
  10. Pitch Creek Farm
  11. Tarrymore Gardens
  12. Teresa’s All Natural
  13. The Squash Queen