Nor’Wester Maple Co.

Vendor:     Nor’Wester Maple Co
Location on Market Map:     Seasonal – location varies

Currently finished for 2017. Will return in spring of 2018.

What’s available? Local maple syrup

2017 was the first season for this group of young entrepreneurs and they were a market hit!

The Nor’Wester Maple Company specializes in making 100% pure maple products. We specifically focus on maple syrup and maple sugar at this time. Our maple syrup and sugar are made from the reduced sap of the sugar maple trees during the springtime sap run. We collect the sap in food grade containers and boil it down in a large fire fueled evaporator unit. It takes us 40 buckets of sap to make 1 bucket of maple syrup. Our operation is located just south of Thunder Bay in the Nor’Wester Mountain Range and taps into some of the most northerly stands of naturally occuring maples in the province.

Maples are relatively rare in the Thunder Bay district and as such we are the largest commercial syrup provider in the district at this time. This fact makes us unique and allows us to offer truly locally made maple syrup in Thunder Bay.

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