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What’s available? Locally authored and illustrated children’s books, adult novels, art and colouring pages for kids.

Originally from Lennoxville, Quebec, Duncan moved to Thunder Bay with his family at a young age. Duncan followed his calling into who he is today through his educational studies at Lakehead University. He specialized in the visual arts, but also majored in English. It was during this time where he gained a respect for children’s books and saw an opportunity to apply his talents in this field.

After gaining much more experience in his field of focus, and having worked in multiple cities around the country, Duncan returned to Thunder Bay, where he presently resides. Among Duncan’s achievements: several awards for his prized paintings, experience in the music, film and writing and poetry industries at national levels, and various well-written children’s books, one of which won two of Canada’s top awards. In 2014 alone, three of Duncan’s hardcover picture books were published!

Duncan’s future plans include to take his talents overseas, where he would like to familiarize himself in European arts and culture. But until then, he continues to paint and write full time, working towards larger projects, and of course, make an appearance at our weekly markets, where we are thrilled to feature his talented works!


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