Shattered Light Landscapes

Vendor:     Shattered Light Landscapes
Location on Market Map:     Upstairs, Booth 25

Note: Kim is on a summer hiatus and meanwhile, Josh’s Botanical Creations has set up in the space. Kim will be back at the beginning of summer.

What’s available? Stained glass creations, handmade jewelry, home decor pieces

Retail It: Kim also sells Mitch Hewitt Designs – handmade (by her husband!) shelving, furniture, home decor, lighting. Made with wood, some live edge and iron or copper pipe.

Kim’s pieces are each a unique painting of glass, with her glass-on-glass technique allowing each piece to show as much light as possible.

Her pieces are hand crafted, sometimes right in her booth, and it is a joy to watch her work with the delicate pieces of glass. The frames are often vintage windows and even cupboard doors.

Contact the Vendor Directly:

Kim Hewitt
(807) 355-3586
facebook logo @shatteredlightlandscapes