Superior Olive Oil Company

Vendor:     Superior Olive Oil Company
Location on Market Map:     Upstairs, Booth 23

What’s available? Imported flavoured olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

Retail it: They also have approval to carry popular local products Heartbeat Hot Sauce and Shumka Dust

Superior Olive Oil Company is owned and operated by the mother daughter duo of Kim and Ashlyn, and is a part of their other business The Pasta Shoppe on May Street. In fact, The Pasta Shoppe regularly pops-up at the Market on Wednesday afternoons upstairs.

While their olive oil and balsamic vinegar products are not locally made, they have received permission from the Vending Committee to sell at the Market, as true olive oil and balsamics will never be made in Canada. Instead, their product is handcrafted in Italy, and imported and bottled here in Thunder Bay, which adds the local element.

They are focusing on utilizing these products in a variety of ideas, such as development of salad dressings.

Contact the Vendor Directly:
facebook logo @superioroliveoilcompany