Walkabout Farm

Vendor:     Walkabout Farm
Location on Market Map:     Downstairs, Booth 2

What’s available? Pork in a variety of cuts, lamb, sheep’s milk gouda cheese & feta-style cheese

Walkabout Farm raises their own sheep, which they milk and then turn the milk into feta-style cheese and gouda cheese. There are only 10-15 milking sheep farms in Ontario, and Walkabout is both the only in northern Ontario and the first to both milk and also produce their own cheese. They produce sheep’s milk gouda in conjunction with Thunder Oak Cheese Farm and make feta-style cheese themselves.

They also regularly have a variety of lamb cuts. They also raise pigs for pork.

Contact the Vendor Directly:

Janice and Robert Groenheide
(807) 708-1952
facebook logo @walkaboutfarm