Early Snows Pottery

Location: Downstairs at the Market Store

Status: Available (Market Store)

Years at the TBCM: 15

What’s available? Hand-thrown Pottery

About Vendor

Fritz Lehmberg made his first “bowl” in 1971. It fell over in the end, but after this he was hooked on clay. After moving to Thunder Bay in 1980 he set up a full-time studio in 1983 at the old Franklin Street School. In 1989, he moved into a hand-built timber frame home and studio on Hwy. 61 and built his first wood-burning kiln in 1990.

Mr. Lehmberg has made functional ceramics since 1983 and uses a wood-fired kiln which adds to the rustic quality of the work he produces such as mugs, teacups, tumblers, teapots, plates, bowls, and baking dishes.

He says the following about his passion for clay, “clay is a responsive material, offers endless possibilities, and still inspires me. Early on I read, ‘irregularity is the sign of a quest for freedom’ That translates to–I want my work to be spontaneous, natural, and honest.”

Vendor Contact Information:

Fritz Lehmberg
Email: earlysnows@tbaytel.net


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