Roots to Harvest

Location: The Market Store

Status: Available

What’s available? Fresh pressed cider (fall only), preserves, and locally grown urban vegetables – R2H granola is always available in the Market Store year round!

Vendor Statement
With the slogan of “Punks Growing Food” – Roots to Harvest uses food as a tool to connect people to one another and build belonging and dignity through meaningful programs, initiatives, and advocacy. We envision a reality where people are welcomed, inspired, and involved in an equitable and resilient community. 
Roots granola is lovingly made by folks we employ, teach and learn from in our kitchens, urban farms, and school gardens. While the granola is being made the youth were likely listening to music and discussing shocking hair colours and cat videos. Granola was our first social enterprise and it’s going stronger than ever, just like our love for the folks we work with at Roots.

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