Vendor:     S&G Cleaning Solutions

What’s available? Wide variety of handmade cleaning products

S&G Cleaning Solutions offers locally made non-toxic and environmentally friendly/neutral cleaning products for your home or office. We believe in “old world recipes for modern cleaning”. With our products, you can reduce your chemical footprint, be assured that product(s) entering the water or septic system are safe, and that our smaller packaging reduces clutter, ensures freshness, and can easily be stored at camp, in the RV or on a boat.
Products can be scented or unscented, making it ideal for anyone trying to reduce fragrance in the workplace or at home.

If you bring back an original container you get a $2 discount on your next purchase. We reuse all the containers, which is another way you are helping contribute to a better environment.

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Charmaine Barton

facebook logo@smallbatch2018