DeBruins Greenhouses

Vendor:     DeBruins Greenhouses
Location on Market Map:     Booth 35

DeBruins arrived back on April 13 – tomatoes are not yet ripe, but they have lettuce and cucumbers and herbs!

What’s available? Greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces,  and herbs.

For over 15 years the DeBruin family has combined ingenuity and hard work to provide Thunder Bay with some of the lushest greenhouse- and field-grown produce available.  Grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers, DeBruin’s tomatoes, herbs, lettuce and cucumbers are sought-after items in restaurant kitchens citywide and available to you weekly at the Market.

At DeBruin’s stand you’ll find produce picked fresh and ripe.  Look for their lettuce & spinach in early spring, herbs soon after and tomatoes from May through October.

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The DeBruin Family
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