DeBruins Greenhouses

Vendor:     DeBruins Greenhouses
Location on Market Map:     Downstairs, Booth 5

What’s available? Greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces,  and herbs.

For over 15 years the DeBruin family has combined ingenuity and hard work to provide Thunder Bay with some of the lushest greenhouse- and field-grown produce available.  Grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers, DeBruin’s tomatoes, herbs, lettuce and cucumbers are sought-after items in restaurant kitchens citywide and available to you weekly at the Market.

At DeBruin’s stand you’ll find produce picked fresh and ripe.  Look for their lettuce & spinach in early spring, herbs soon after and tomatoes from May through October.

Contact the Vendor Directly:

The DeBruin Family
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