FAQs about the Market reopening

For more information about Online Ordering, please see this page

How has the downstairs layout changed?

We have hung plexiglass barriers in front of each booth.

The booths have been rearranged so that only 1 vendor is in each 10×10 section – less than half the normal number of vendors that are downstairs at the Market!

For now, the Market Store is inside the main part of the building and the booth in the front foyer will be closed, as it was not appropriate to correct physical distancing.

Customers will enter through the front doors and exit through the back, stopping to visit outdoor vendors and then head back to the parking lot.

There is no dining room, but take-out food is available.

Which vendors will be at the Market?

For a full list of vendors participating in Phase 1 of the reopening of the Market, please see Our Vendors page. The left column lists the participating vendors. This will be updated with any changes.

Will the Market limit numbers into the building?

Yes, as with most businesses that are reopening, we will be counting customers entering and exiting the building and allowing appropriate numbers in accordingly.

Customers will be entering through the front and exiting through the back of the building and the NEW layout of the Market is one-directional.

Will customers need to wear masks?

No, we are allowing customers to choose whether or not they wish to wear a mask. It will not be mandatory.

Are vendors still accepting cash?

The majority of vendors have tap or debit/credit options available.
However, some of our vendors are still cash-based, though we are encouraging them to investigate card options.

Can I bring my own bags? Can I return bottles?

Yes, we continue to encourage the use of your own bags. The vendor will place your items next to the plexiglass and you can put it in your own bag.

You may continue to return bottles from Slate River Dairy and jam jars to the relevant jam makers (H&P Jams and A Little of This)

You may also return to the Market Store: maple syrup bottles from Nor’Wester Maple Co, honey jars for Bears, Bees & Honey, jam jars for Head Acre Farms, and Kumbaya Kombucha bottles (unfortunately no refund for those).

We cannot currently accept egg cartons back.

Will the upstairs reopen?

The upstairs of the Market will reopen on July 4! Not all vendors will return – check out our list of vendors to see who is returning.