Slate River Dairy

Vendor:     Slate River Dairy
Location on Market Map:     Downstairs, Booths 12 & 13

What’s available? Pasteurized, natural dairy products, including yogurt, butters, cheeses, milk in variety of sizes, kefir

Have you ever wanted to taste a yogurt that could warm your heart and tickle your taste-buds? Jim and Wilma, the owners of Slate River Dairy, have created a wholesome yogurt made just for you.

Jim and Wilma’s dairy farm, Riverbend Farm, where Slate River Dairy is located, was the first farm in Thunder Bay certified under the Canadian Quality Milk Program. Devoted to cleanliness, quality, and involved in the production of their product from start to finish, Slate River Dairy offers an unparalleled product in terms of flavor, health, and customer satisfaction.

Contact the Vendor Directly:

Jim and Wilma Mol
facebook logo @SlateRiverDairy

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