The Squash Queen

Vendor:     The Squash Queen
Location on Market Map:     Outside Seasonally Saturdays Only

Special notes: Finished for 2017 Season

What’s available? Seasonal produce and pasture raised pork.

Shannon and Dan Vanlenthe live in what Dan proclaims is “God’s Country.” South Gillies, 40 km south of Thunder Bay, is a mecca of warm weather dotted with small farms and lots of families. Shannon has grown up gardening – it’s in the blood – and spent the summers of her youth employed at local greenhouses.  She always knew she wanted land of her own to continue growing her plants, veggies, animals and her skill-set.  Dan was raised at a goat and dairy cow farm and owned his own team of work horses at the age of 14.

Together with their 5 children they grow a variety of vegetables, operate a bedding plant greenhouse and raise pigs both as meat-for-sale and, as they grow, Nature’s best roto-tillers to turn up more gardens.  Visit Shannon and Dan at their bright orange tent outside the market to see what’s in season.

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Shannon Valenthe
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