Bears, Bees and Honey

Bears, Bees and Honey

Location: Downstairs

Status: Open

What’s available? Local honey, and honey products (bee balm, beeswax, etc)

About the Vendor

Bears, Bees and Honey is a family run, Thunder Bay business established in 1996. Barry has a small operation managing 50 honey bee colonies at the height of the summer season.

At Bears, Bees and Honey they believe in purity, quality and the dedication to the art of beekeeping. They do not use automated machinery to process their honey, it is hand processed. Gathering and processing of honey is as basic as it gets. Their honey is strained to remove the bulk of the large wax particles leaving behind the natural pollens instilled in the honey. Their honey is pure, natural and unpasteurized 100% Ontario HONEY.

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Barry Tabor

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