Vendor:     Lucy Q Perogies

Location: Booth 12

What’s available? Handmade perogies.

Lucy Q only does perogies, but she does them well and in a variety of ways. Famous for her classic Potato & “Lotsa” Cheese perogy, Judy, the ever-experimenting perogy-maker, has also cooked-up hugely successful fan favourites such as Jalapeño, Cottage Cheese, Cream Cheese or Cottage Cheese & Dill, Sauerkraut, Greek, and Italian Style perogies.

Judy is always cooking up new and original kinds of perogies, a feat showcased in Lucy Q’s newest taste sensation, Beefy Perogies. These perogies are filled with the finest lean ground beef from Thunder Bay’s own Sandy Acres Farms. Craving something sweet? Judy’s got that covered too with her Prune, and Cherry or Blueberry Cheesecake dessert perogies that are available upon request.

Judy radiates a genuine passion for family, a feeling you can taste in each and every handcrafted perogy. In fact, the famed name “Lucy Q Perogies” stems from a grandmother’s unconditional love. Lucy, the sole grandchild of four to be given only one first name, was dubbed Lucy Q by her grandmother Judy. This catchy nickname stuck and became the title of her unrivaled and seriously successful perogies.

Judy learned to make perogies from her mother, a craft passed down through generations. After 12 years in the business of perogy-making, she’s still staying true to her family’s authentic Ukrainian recipe. Regardless, Judy’s not one to horde her secrets. Want to learn how to cook up Lucy Q Perogies the traditional way? Ask her!

Contact the Vendor Directly:

Judy Fedoruk
(807) 476-6999
facebook logo @lucyqperogies