Metropolitan Moose

Location: Upstairs & Downstairs

Status: Open. Wednesdays 330-630 & Saturday 8am-1pm

What’s available? Smoothies, juices, scones, Cuban inspired cuisine

About the Vendor

Metropolitan Moose, with a restaurant in Kakabeka Falls, has a double-booth upstairs at the Market with many different food options!

Cuban – Get a taste of the island food! If you can’t make it to Cuba yourself (though you should!), you can have the taste of Havana at the Market. Featuring ethnic Cuban cuisine with Caribbean flare.

Smoothies & Juice – Put down that soft drink! Let go of the sugary ice-ca! Instead, grab a delicious juice or smoothie. We offer made-to-order juices and smoothies that are all-natural, great tasting, & nutritious using whole fruits and vegetables. Healthy really is delicious.

Scones – Not all scones are created equal! Moose Scones are English-style scones; sweet tender biscuits that are moist and delicious… the way a scone should be.

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Julia and Stephen Miles

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