My-Pride Farm 

Location: Downstairs

Status: Open. Wednesdays 330-630 & Saturday 8am-1pm

What’s available? Veal cutlets, steaks, sausages, roasts, ground veal and more!

About the Vendor

My-Pride Farm was founded by Mike Visser in 2012 and inspired by his long time passion for agriculture. The business has been at the Market since 2013 and Mike has been operating it on his own for the past six years.

Vendor Statement

At My-Pride Farm we take great pride in raising happy and healthy animals. We focus on raising veal calves in an ethical manner and marketing all the meat locally. Our calves are raised in large group pens with free choice access to water and feed.

Contrary to popular belief, veal calves are not babies. They are in fact the second oldest animal at market age. Veal meat is extremely juicy, tender and low in saturated fats. It is also high in vitamin B12 and iron.

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Mike Visser

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