Northern Unique


Location- Downstairs

Status- Open Wednesday 330- 630 & Saturday 8am- 1pm

What’s available? 

Baked goods and frozen prepared foods.

Thunder Bay and the surrounding Northwest region offers residents an amazing buffet of tastes and textures and at Northern Unique we consider it our privilege and our favourite job to introduce them to you and keep you coming back for more.  Our goal is to promote sustainability, local agriculture and great food, and at our counter you’ll find a delicious variety of baking, sweets and ready-to-heat dishes made from local ingredients as well as seasonal produce from our gardens.

Northern Unique is the culmination of the dedicated efforts of a number of individuals. We aim to educate you as much as tantalize your taste-buds.  Come talk to us about the variety of good foods available right at our doorstep and share your thoughts about sustainability and the 100-mile Diet.  Northern Unique and our many friends will make every attempt to assist, educate and most of all offer you some of the best responsibly-raised regional fare you may ever experience.

Northern Unique would like to thank all of the friends, family, farmers, producers and individuals dedicated to the pursuit of fantastic food.

Contact the Vendor Directly:

The Walsh Family
(807) 622-6678
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