Location: Upstairs

Status: Open. Wednesdays 330-630 & Saturday 8am- 1pm

What’s available? Fresh or frozen hand pies, and traditional seasonal pie slices.  Some of our most popular hand pies include our breakfast pies (we usually have 2 on the menu on a Saturday morning) as well as hand pie options for lunch or dinner, including hand pies like our Ploughman’s pie, Mac n’ Cheese and Ham & Swiss. There are also options for dessert. Our menu rotates on a weekly basis. 

About the Vendor

Treat yourself to a handmade freshly baked savoury or sweet hand pie at the Thunder Bay Country Market! Pie.ology is a family-run business whose pies are baked on-site and served warm or you can purchase pies to take home and bake yourself — perfect for quick lunches, dinners or desserts!

There are no canned pie fillings here! Only fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables from the regions finest growers such as Belluz Farms strawberries for strawberry-rhubarb hand pies and foraged and wild hand picked blueberries. Savoury pies include roasted Debruin’s tomatoes, Thunder Oak Cheese Farm Swiss and Sandy Acres Farm beef and pork.

All of these fillings are wrapped inside of pie.ology’s signature butter pastry– flaky, tender and rolled super thin.

Experience a taste of Northwest Ontario at pie.ology!


Contact the Vendor directly:

Malcolm & Amanda Hope

Email: ilovepieology@gmail.com

Phone: (807) 631-3056

Website: https://www.ilovepieology.com

Social Media: