Randle’s Candles

Location: Upstairs

Status: Open. Wednesday 330-630 & Saturday 8am-1pm

What’s available? Homemade candles and melters in a wide variety of scents

Vendor Statement

I’m Lynda Randle the founder and head candlemaker. I live in Neebing, Ontario.

I have been making candle since 2014. I purchased the equipment from a previous candle company that was closed. With the help of Sharon my daughter-in-law we starting making candles after many hours of research and testing. We then launched Randle’s Candles in early 2015.   

We use 100% soy wax and 100% coconut wax in our candles.

We make melters, tealight, votives, 4oz, 6oz, 9oz and 20oz candles in glass jars, milk bottles contain coconut wax with a ribbon wick. The  coconut shells are poured with coconut wax (scent is lime in the coconut) . We also make concrete candle containers (yes I make the concrete containers too) We have a variety of containers available and will be growing this part of Randle’s Candles.

We have a recycle, reuse, and reduce program return your container cleaned (don’t pour it down the sink) and we will pour you another candle at a reduced price.

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Lynda Randle

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