Tarrymore Farms Ltd

Location: Downstairs

Status: Open Wednesdays 330- 630 & Saturday 8am-1pm

What’s Available? Eggs and beef

Statement from Vendor

The picturesque portrait of Tarrymore Farms is sure to play tricks on your taste buds and make our veggies that much more of a tasty treat.  Imagine active land nestled in a valley, with mountains protecting three of its borders, and a creek trickling through the hustle and bustle of farm life. Homesteaded in 1906, Jenny and Bill Groenheide, along with our adult children, are living the fourth generation of farming on this land.  With two hundred and twenty acres of land, including a two acre vegetable garden, this is home to our herd of 120 beef cattle and our flock of laying hens. There’s always plenty to keep the family occupied!

Our system of crop rotation, allows the majority of the farm land to be used to grow in the summer what will become winter feed in the colder months, for all of our animals.  Careful planning and ongoing renovations and retrofitting have allowed the family farm to continue to boast a variety of farming cultures. 

So, if you ever find yourself out in South Gillies, stop by and say hello – and don’t forget your camera!  Better yet, bridge the distance by meeting us in town at the local Thunder Bay Country Market! 

Our farm is not just a job….It is our chosen way of life.

Vendor Contact Information:

Jenny Groenheide – 807-620-6489 – text or call

Bill Groenheide – 807-620-6488 – text or call

Email: tarrymorefarmsltd@gmail.com 

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