The Market currently has over 70 vendors operating twice weekly, year round! This number increases in summer when outdoor vendors are here with locally grown fresh produce.

Everything at the Market fits our Make it, Bake it, Grow it mandate – it is made, baked or grown locally, often by the person you are buying it from. Wednesdays (from 3:30 – 6:30 pm) are a great time to visit again to have more time / quiet to shop and chat with the vendors. On Saturdays (8 am – 1 pm), it is the place to be in Thunder Bay! You can meet up with someone for breakfast under the rafters or have dinner on Wednesday evening.

All vendors are open both days each week.

What is available at the Market?

We have a Market Kitchen serving hot foods cooked to order – breakfasts on Saturday and dinners on Wednesdays.

There is a coffee shop on each level selling hot coffee and locally roasted coffee beans – you can even ask them to grind the beans for you.

We have 7 types of meat (lamb, beef, chicken, pork, elk, rabbit, veal) – all of it is sustainably raised and locally butchered.

There are plenty of vegan, gluten free and keto options at the Market from a variety of vendors.

A local dairy producing yogurt, butter, milk, cream, kefir and soft cheeses.

We have Ontario’s first Gouda cheese Farm, with gouda cheese and cheese curds

We have local sheeps’ milk gouda and feta cheese, with more varieties of cheeses on the way.

Other food items: soups, ready-made meals, eggs, all kinds of baking including gluten-free and high protein/keto, honey, kombucha, kimchi, jams, fresh vegetables and fruits in season, teas, perogies and cabbage rolls, fresh pasta, pasta sauces, local chocolate, fresh, frozen and smoked Lake Superior fish, Thai food, canola oil, locally grown and milled flour, baking mixes (just add a few extra ingredients), granola, grain-free granola, year-round microgreens & sprouts, locally roasted coffee, hot sauce, maple syrup, mini pancakes, macarons, almond milk, frozen pizzas, and fudge.

Other vendors: pottery, jewellery makers, clothing designers, spinners & weavers guild, stained glass, painters, household cleaning products, variety of soaps including bath bombs and shampoo bars, beauty products including creams and deodorant, candles

The Market is an excellent way to shop low waste – many of our vendors accept their bottles / jars back for reuse or refilling, you can bring your own containers or bags for baking or breads, and by shopping locally, you are getting fresher items that are also supporting the local economy. We are continually striving to find new ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

How does it work?

You deal directly with each individual vendor – all accept cash, and most accept debit or credit card – just ask them! There are 2 ATMs in the back foyer (with a small fee).

There are 2 floors, make sure you give yourself time to wander and visit all of them. Wheelchair accessible downstairs only.